Presentation of "The Living Images Parade" during the film festival "New Horizons", 2006, Wroclaw (Poland)

Performances | selection

"Closing" 1992, Studio Gallery
"Hommage a Vincent"
Conversation with Vincent, 1992,
Kazimierz Dolny, Poland
Road, 1992,
Art Center in Cracow 1992, Poland
"Well" 1993 Vilnius, Contemporary Art Center
"White deer" Studio Theater, Warsaw
"Circles" 1995, Perth, West Australia
"Passing Water" and "Wood Picture" 1997, Tsumary, Japan
"Erotyki" 1997 Warsaw, Poland and 1998 Vilnius, Lithuania
"Wine Fest" Castello di Ama, Italy, 1999
"1 h 5" with Knitel and Sudnik, Contemporary Art Center, 1999
"Rain" Tel Aviv, Israel, 2000
"Touching the wall" Matsunoyama Town, Japan, 2000