Pastels | 2

Once, browsing through my works, I arranged them according to subjects. It was a surprise for myself to discover that they formed several series, birds - in different situations: on the ground, in the sky, between the earth and heaven, hurt birds, wingless birds, symbolic birds, flying, existing, waiting, animals - expectant (but it is hard to define the specie), everyday situations, situation similar to those of the man; lonely portraits - eyes, face, a circus - or rather a clown, his tragic and funny adventures, a circus which is not quite circus, it is life that resembles a circus,- group portraits - some family, unconcrete, a child among adults who binds them or is a nuissance,- situations - interhuman, situations among things, entanglement, absurd,- and lately - faces (shown in the album "Twarze/Faces" - 1986 Press Publishers). It has been my passion in recent years. A face deprived of the literary story, a face as the map of man, a voyage of shadow and light, an outburst of line a face surrounded by objects. The theatre of face. Continuous theatre.