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I did not learn this technique at my studies. Nor had I any previous experience with it. During my first visits to Warsaw I watched Lucja (whom I later married) work with crayons, how she used her hand and fingers to rub paper and cover it with a thick layer. She worked on a series of unrealistic landscapes with the sky that was either shining or darkening. I liked it, but than it never crossed my mind to try the technique myself. It was only after several years, in 1984, during my stay in West Berlin. As usual, l could not stand being idle for long. Paper was at hand and... crayons. I gave it a try. l did not expect to become so engaged. The result was a series of situations with birds. I have become attracted to it for many years, until this day. It is even hard to say why. Maybe, it is because in that technique l may spontaneously combine drawing and painting, and l can see the final result without any major surprises. Naturally, the yarnish I have to use for fixing slightly affects the colours. Starting in 1984, pastels have become one of my basic techniques. Since that time pastels have always accompanied me on my travels, and I pack at least several crayons to my travel bag. It makes me sure I have all what l need when the inspiration comes.